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The SteriGraft™ line distributed by Bone Bank Allografts consists of the following soft tissue allografts, perfect for sports medicine and many other surgical applications.

Soft Tissue Allografts:

Hemi / Whole Patellar Tendon with Quad

Preshaped Patellar Tendon

Achilles Tendon with and without Bone Block

Pre-Shaped Achilles Tendon

Gracilis Tendon

Semitendinosus Tendon

Semitendinosus - Gracilis Bundle

Tibiablis Tendon Anterior

Tibialis Tendon Posterior

Peroneus Longus Tendon

Plantaris Tendon

Fascia Lata


Costal Cartilage



Other Allograft Tissues:

Traditional Bone / Cortical Bone Allografts

Traditional Bone / Cortical - Cancellous Allografts

Traditional Bone / Cortical Bone Allografts

Specialty Spinal Implants


sports medicine grafts patella tendon
anterior tibialis tendon - soft tissue allografts
ruptured achilles tendon - tissue graft
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