Successful Partnerships

Allografts offer several important advantages over autografts in musculoskeletal reconstructive procedures

Providing physicians and patients with quality allograft tissues is BBA’s mission. This cannot be accomplished without productive, mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations. We are grateful to our partners and look forward to expanding the BBA network with organizations who share our values.

The Key is Partnership

We collaborate with many organizations, some of which are highlighted here. If your organization has similar objectives, please contact us to see how working with BBA can lead to a productive synergy.

  • Donor Recovery / Organ Procurement Organizations – The medical benefits of tissue allografts would be impossible without the generosity of donors. We work closely with donor organizations to ensure that safe and effective medical solutions are brought forward.
  • Medical Researchers – Companies possessing technology and other intellectual property in bone augmentation and regeneration are encouraged to contact BBA about partnership, licensing, design, production, and marketing opportunities.
  • Tissue Processing – The majority of BBA’s allograft tissues are processed by our sister company, Texas Human Biologics (THB). We on occasion make other partnerships for specialized projects.
  • Medical Manufacturers / Distributors – BBA markets a full line of human allograft tissues under its SteriGraft® line, and partners with a variety of other medical manufacturing and distribution companies to provide contract design, processing, and distribution capabilities. Our allografts may be provided under a partner’s custom OEM or private label, including customer-tailored product designs.

If your organization is interested in working with BBA, please contact us for more information.

To learn more about becoming a donor, please click here.

The quality of our partnerships is foundational to our success!