Patient Information

If your surgeon has suggested using a Sterigraft® allograft, learn more about the Allograft Advantage below.

The Allograft Advantage

An allograft is transplantable tissue from a human donor, which is processed and sterilized, then used in grafting surgeries to repair damaged bones or ligaments.

Conversely, an autograft is tissue harvested from the patient’s own body, then transplanted into the area needing repair. Allograft surgery may be faster and safer, as the autograft requires two procedures which may mean longer periods of time under anesthesia and greater risk. Autografting carries risks associated with the donor site as well as the transplant site. Patients may experience pain, infection and/or additional scarring at the donor site.


Other grafting options include synthetic or metal materials.

SteriGraft® allografts offer an alternative that fosters the growth of new bone facilitating and promoting the tissue regeneration process.

Patient Safety is a Primary Focus with SteriGraft®

Honoring Donors

We provide the safest and highest quality tissue available for surgery, keeping in mind that the allografts are available by the gift of a donor and his or her family. This gracious gift should not be overlooked.

Many allograft recipients show their appreciation by signing their own donor card, encouraging their family to do the same, and becoming active in donation groups and causes. The need for life-changing and life-saving tissues and organs continues to outpace the number of donors. Consider becoming a donor hero!

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