SteriGraft® Cancellous Crushed

Common Surgical Applications: Filling of bone defects, prosthetic or bone graft augmentation for spinal fusion, oral and maxillofacial, ankle and foot, or general orthopaedic reconstruction.

Source: Proximal and distal ends of long bones, ilium, calcaneus or talus

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

SteriGraft® – Cancellous Crushed

Product CodeDescriptionSize & Measurements
316Cancellous Crushed 1-4 mm, 5 cc5 cc
309Cancellous Crushed 1-4 mm, 10 cc10 cc
308Cancellous Crushed 1–4 mm, 15 cc15 cc
306Cancellous Crushed 1–4 mm, 30 cc30 cc
317Cancellous Crushed 4–10 mm, 10 cc10 cc
312Cancellous Crushed, 4–10 mm, 15 cc15 cc
313Cancellous Crushed, 4–10 mm, 30 cc30 cc