SteriGraft® Fascia Lata

Common Surgical Applications: Ligament reconstruction, repair of craniotomy and dural defects, eye lid repair, or bladder suspension.

Source: Lateral surface of the thigh

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

Measurement Description:
Fascia may or may not include the iliotibial bands. The width (W) will be perpendicular to the grain, and the length (L) will be taken along the grain.

SteriGraft® – Fascia Lata

Product CodeDescriptionSize & Measurements
701Fascia Lata 40 x 60 mmW = 40mm, L = 60mm
702Fascia Lata 50 x 80 mmW = 50 mm, L = 80 mm
703Fascia Lata, 60 x 100 mmW = 60 mm, L = 100 mm
704Fascia Lata, 70 x >150 mmW = 70 mm, L ≥ 150 mm